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कृपया सही देश का चयन करें, जिससे हम आपको आपके द्वारा चयनित पुस्तकों की कीमत सही मुद्रा में प्रदर्शित कर सकें।

Invitation To Authors

A Note to Prospective Authors...

Dehati Pustak Bhandar  and our sister concerns enjoys an international reputation as the leading publisher of specialist books for professional level. This is a reputation of which we are proud and one which we work hard to maintain. If you have recently written or are considering writing within a subject which cover our areas of interest and would like to discuss the various commercial and developmental aspects of your project with a view to possible future publication, then we would like to hear from you -- please do get in touch or send a extract of your manuscript to us by mail.


We take utmost care in production and give a wide publicity to author.


Kindly contact us at hcb60@hotmail.com for more details


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